Nuvan ProStrips Review – UPDATED 2018 – How Effective Are They?

The bed bug population has continuously increased in the last 50 years and reached an epidemic level. The concerning thing about bed bugs is that they are great at staying hidden and you might not know that you have bed bugs in your home and when first noticed, more often than not you'll find you've got a serious problem. Most of us home dwellers first realize this problem after being bitten.

Nuvan ProStrips

Typically, the first reaction is to panic when discovering bed bugs and to immediately look for ways to get rid of them, fast. There are many products available on the market for bed bug control ranging from liquid insecticide sprays, bed bug monitors and traps to powders and strips. One of the most popular products used for effective control of bed bugs is Nuvan ProStrips.

Nuvan ProStrips Review – Updated 2018

Nuvan Strips

Constituted using Dichlorvos or DDVP Vapona, Nuvan ProStips are intended to control a wide range of insects and crawling bed bugs with the use of controlled release technology. It works by slowly diffusing a deep penetrating vapor in enclosed spaces for up to four months.

It emits a clean, odorless gas that gets distributed evenly throughout the entire treatment area killing visible as well as hidden bed bugs and other insects that come in contact and preventing new infestations when you are away.

Nuvan ProStrips Ingredients

The product is constructed using a resin plastic impregnated with DDVP Dichlorovinyl Dimethyl Phosphate 18.6%. These strips do not require any preparation or mixing and are easy to use. They require minimal setup and maintenance and can be applied for long-lasting control of a bed bug infestation.

Upon application, the strips emit vapors slowly, and the bed bugs and other insects exposed to this are controlled.

The strip starts working once removed from the sealed foil packet and protects a particular area for up to four months claim the manufacturers. Nuvan ProStrips are also effective at eliminating bed bugs which some say can be resistant to other types of pesticides and insecticides. As well as being odorless, they leave no residue behind to clean up.

Nuvan ProStrips - Where to Buy?

This bed bug control product is professional grade insecticide and not generally available over the counter in stores. You can buy Nuvan ProStrips from all the major online stores including Amazon, eBay,,,, and others.

It comes as a package of 12 strips with 12 cages – 16 grams and costs about $45.

Nuvan ProStrips are an easy and effective way to control a large number of pests including bed bugs. If you are looking for a DIY method for bed bug control, Nuvan ProStrips is worth considering.

Nuvan Strips Where To Buy

Overall Rating

Nuvan ProStrips Application

A highly effective bed bug control product specially created to treat items like shoes, handbags, electronics and other things which are nearly impossible to treat with other insecticides and control methods. Nuvan ProStrips makes it easy to treat all these types of items and you just need to remove the strips from the sealed package and place inside a hanging holder, after which it starts releasing an odorless vapor.

Nuvan ProStips can be used to control bed bugs which have entered numerous items such as appliances, electronics, artwork, footwear, collectibles, computers, mattresses, books, furniture, plush toys and other items. To use the product, place the infested items in a plastic bag, container, poly sheeting or closed room to contain the strip. The surface of the infested items should not come in direct contact with the strips. Seal the items for at least 48 hours to kill the bed bugs completely. Seal the items in the space for at least seven days to destroy any bed bug eggs also.

Sealing can be accomplished by using twist ties, tape or any other means. Each 16-gram strip is capable of treating an area of up to 200 cubic feet. It starts killing bed bugs immediately upon use, and you can start noticing results within hours.


•    Highly effective at killing and controlling bed bugs.

•    Easy to use and maintain.

•    Protects the space from bed bugs and other pests for up to four months.

•    Works through vapor and there is no chemical or residue to deal with.

•    Can be used indoor as well as outdoors.


•    The chemical it emits can potentially induce various illnesses related to respiration, gastrointestinal and neurology. Hence, it is necessary to take the utmost care to minimise physical exposure to the product active ingredients while using it.

•    It cannot be applied in areas where people live or sleep.

Nuvan ProStrips Safety

The main ingredient of Nuvan ProStrips, Dichlorvos, kills bed bugs but can also cause harm to people if proper safety measures are not taken.

Here are some of the key points to remember about the usage of Nuvan ProStrips for bed bug control.

•    Don’t forget to wear hand gloves when using the Nuvan ProStrips inside the house or in an open area like a garage.

•    Keep the strips away from the area where children and pets sleep or play. The strips should not be used in a room where humans spend more than four hours of time in a day.

•    In the home, strips should only be used in wardrobes, closets, cupboards, garages, storage units, crawl spaces or attics.

•    Avoid using the strips in kitchen or food storage areas where open food can be exposed to the product. See that kitchen utensils do not come in contact with the strips.

•    Do not over-use the strips. A single 16-gram strip is sufficient to treat a space of 100 to 200 cubic feet. Estimate the number of strips required to treat the area and see that you don’t use more than the estimated strips.

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